Uruguayan Amethyst Cluster


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This beautiful amethyst cluster comes from Uruguayan and features a deep and vibrant purple hue.

Weight: 119 grams (approx).

Amethyst is a great crystal to meditate with as it provides insight and understanding. With its high spiritual vibration, it’s also one of the most spiritual crystals. It enhances spiritual awareness and opens your intuition.

Its protective properties repel negativity and strengthen the aura. Often used throughout the home, particularly by the main entrance, amethyst will ward off any negative influences.

Originally known as the sobriety crystal, the amethyst is used to overcome addiction. It helps make one feel emotionally centered and eases feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, and impatience. Its calming properties balance emotional highs and lows, and is especially helpful during grief or loss.  Amethyst enhances focus and motivation, helping the mind feel in control.

Amethyst is a natural healer. It can be used for bumps, bruises, headaches, tension, insect bites, and even skin conditions.

*Please note that this is a natural product and some crystals may display imperfections.


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